2018 Jubilee BEST Results

"Current Events"


Jubilee BEST Teams advancing to South's BEST Regional Competition in Auburn, AL Dec 1st and 2nd:


Faith Academy

MACH Robotics

Davidson High School

St. Luke’s Episcopal School

Semmes Middle School

St. Vincent de Paul Catholic School

BEST Overall Rankings:

  1. Faith Academy

  2. MACH Robotics

  3. Davidson High School

  4. St. Luke's Episcopal School

  5. Saraland Middle School

Engineering Notebook (30%)

  1. MACH Robotics

  2. Davidson High School

  3. East Central High School

  4. Spanish Fort High School

  5. Faith Academy

Exhibit Booth and Interview (20%)


  1. MACH Robotics

  2. Faith Academy

  3. St. Luke's Episcopal School

  4. Bayshore Christian School

  5. East Central High School

Spirit and Sportsmanship (10%)


  1. Faith Academy

  2. Semmes Middle School

  3. St. Luke's Episcopal School

  4. Clark-Shaw Magnet School

  5. Murphy High School

    • (MACH Robotics 12th)

Marketing Presentation (25%)


  1. Faith Academy

  2. St. Luke's Episcopal School

  3. MACH Robotics

  4. Davidson High School

  5. Bayshore Christian School

Robot Placement-Seeding Rounds (15%)

  1. St. Vincent De Paul Catholic School

  2. Semmes Middle School

  3. Saraland Middle School

  4. East Central High School

  5. Davidson High School

    • (MACH Robotics 11th)

MACH Awards:


BEST Award (Overall Winners)

2nd Place


BEST Award-Engineering Notebook

1st Place


BEST Award-Exhibit Booth and Interviews

1st Place


BEST Award-Marketing Presentation

3rd Place

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Heart of Jubilee BEST Award (Service to Others)