About BEST Robotics


BEST Robotics which stands for Boosting Engineering, Science and Technology, is a nationwide program inspiring students to pursue careers in Engineering, Science, Technology, Math and Business through the participation in the BEST competition.


BEST is comprised of hundreds of hubs with over 850 schools, over 12,000 students in 19 states in 4 Regions thoughout the country. The BEST Regions are: Texas BEST, Frontier Trail's BEST, Northern Plains BEST and South's BEST.


South's BEST region is comprised of 17 hubs in 6 States: Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Georgia, Florida and Tennessee. South's BEST Regional championship is held at Auburn University.


Jubilee BEST is the Mobile Area hub of BEST Robotics and is included in the South's BEST Region. Jubilee BEST is comprised of almost 40 Middle Schools, High Schools and Homeschool teams who compete every Fall in the BEST Robotics competition. A number of teams will advance to the South's BEST Regional championship. MACH is a member of the Jubilee BEST hub.


During the competition the teams compete for the BEST award and are judged in 5 areas:

  • Engineering Notebook (30%)

  • Marketing Presentation (25%)

  • Exhibit and Interview (20%)

  • Robot (15%)

  • Spirit and Sportsmanship (10%)


For more information about BEST, South's BEST or Jubilee BEST go to their websites using the links below: