What is MACH Robotics?


***MACH is the Mobile Area Coalition of Homeschoolers.  MACH Robotics is our local homeschool division of BEST Robotics.  BEST stands for Boosting Engineering, Science, and Technology.  It is a nationwide program designed to inspire students to pursue careers in engineering, science, technology, and math through participation in a sports-like science and engineering-based robotics competition.

***MACH Robotics is a Non-Profit organization which allows 6th-12th grade homeschooled⁽¹⁾ students to participate in a 6-week long robotics competition against Public and Private Schools in the Mobile area in the fall of each year.  The competition begins with a kick-off in August and ends with game day at the Mitchell Center in October. During the 6 weeks in between, students will work together to complete certain tasks. If MACH performs well enough, students will then compete at the regional competition at Auburn University in December.


Here's how it works:

***The team will meet in early August to vote for a President and a team of Visionaries, sign up for divisions, and choose captains of those divisions. 

Divisions include:

Robot – designs, builds, and programs a robot to complete designated tasks

Marketing – creates a business presentation to “sell” the robot to a panel of judges

Notebook – prepares an engineering notebook which details the making of the robot

Display – designs and builds a display detailing the work of the team and the “business”

Media – prepares a scrapbook and creates a newsletter, website, and commercial

Spirit - deals with public relations and leads team spirit on game day


***We meet as a whole team every Friday and then break off into divisions.  Some of the divisions (robot, notebook, and marketing especially) will need to meet at other times during week also.  We do our best to accommodate as many people as possible.


***Sometime in August we will attend kick-off day at Davidson High School.  BEST will reveal the playing field for game day and let us know what tasks our robot will have to perform.


***In the 6 weeks that follow kick-off, our team will become a mock company.  They will build a robot, create a presentation to sell our company's robot, design and build a display to tell all about the company and its product, design and maintain a website, film a commercial, and complete other tasks as well.


***In October it all comes together!  We compete and earn points for all our different areas of participation.  If we score well enough at the local level, we continue on to the regional level which is held in Auburn in early December.

How can you get involved?

***Follow us on our Website Blog and on Facebook for updates about informational meetings and sign up deadlines.

***Sign up by our first team meeting in August. We would love to have your student on our team! 


***We need parents who are gifted and/or willing to mentor each team.


***We have to raise all our own funds. Spread the word in our community and see if you can find sponsors.




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Email us at machrobotics@hotmail.com
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1. "Homeschooled" based off current state homeschool law